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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! (Season One) BDs Released!

This image is  a lot more accurate than you could possibly imagine. <Torn> >pls lemme play my vidya and delude myself<Torn> >no, grow up<Torn> >and sub<Seibah> yup And with that, Chuu2 Season One BDs is fucking finally in the books.   … Continue reading

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SENSE00, Yes, I’m talking to you!

Where are you!?!?! 

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Amagami VN: We are going to TL it.

So we are going to take our first foray into doing VNs.  Obviously, since this game is huge, its going to take us a while.  We will release more information as we go along.  Just don’t expect something in the … Continue reading

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We [Flax] Now.

Welcome to the new and improved site for [Flax] subs.  We have tried to remove any instance of filth from the group name that we don’t wish to referred to as anymore so here we stand today.  The page is … Continue reading

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