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Sakasama no Patema Status

ETA: Any minute now Encoding: Done Translation: Done Timing: Done Typesetting: Done Editing: In progress Updated: 5/26/14 – 12:42 PM (PST) Advertisements

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Baby Steps Episode Four Released

You know what?  No. Fuck this. Enjoy Hana’s Midriff again

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Captain EARF Episode Four Released

ERABE Absolutely disgusting Akari Midriff OR Sweet Delicious Hana Midriff You can only have one.

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Baby Steps Ep. Three Released

TENNIS! That is all.

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Captain EARF Episode Three Released

The look on Akari’s face is how I felt after watching this episode. This show is feeling more and more like Rinne no Lagrange as the weeks go past.  Only time will tell though. While we are at it, to … Continue reading

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Baby Steps Episode Two Released

Man, the character designs for this show are bad! And thus ends week two for us.  Turn in next weekend when we attempt to keep this streak of being productive going! Translators… Typesetters…. still recruiting #Flax @  come talk … Continue reading

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Captain EARF Episode Two Released

Well, this show just got cute.  I have no fucking idea what is going on with this show.  one part Eva, one part Rinne No Lagrange, one part Star Driver and one part something else. We now have OP/EDs on … Continue reading

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