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Code Geass: Akito the Exiled 02

So I finally bothered to download the BDMV and encode it. I’m using different settings than I have in episode one, so I’ll be updating ep. 1 for the batch (if Sunrise doesn’t delay this for eternity). Other stuff coming … Continue reading

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Baby Steps 06

Everyone’s still a faggot. Baby steps, am I right?

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Baby Steps 05

Delays because everyone’s a faggot. It’s here. It was delayed for so long because people left. Check the Spring 2014 tab for the roster changes.

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Captain Earth 08

>Watching Captain Earth It’s here. CR script got worse, so I actually had to do things this time around.

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Captain Earth Episode 7 Released

No, that line’s not in the release. I’m gonna slowly open the floodgates in the coming days because it’s looking like the server won’t be coming back up for a while. I don’t care about my garbage upload speed anymore. … Continue reading

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Seitokai Yakuindomo S2 BD Volume 1 Released

You thought this was the OVA? Kek. Blame Belfiore the Bot for having this released without the NCOP and NCED. Also, blame it for choosing to release without asking or waiting for distro. If you would like to help out … Continue reading

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Captain Earth 06 Released

>VIDEO KID: Captain Earth at his Computer I almost forgot about this. Here.

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Captain Ass 05 Released

I’d prefer more of Hana’s glorious midriff, but some ass works too. This was slightly delayed because I wanted to catch up with some anime this season and some IRL stuff happened.

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And a now a word from the leader of the People’s Republic of Flax…

Good day benevolent leechers, Flax staff, and autists that will start reveling in this post once they realize what it is about.

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