Status on Things

ss (2014-05-26 at 01.37.40)

Just wait.

Baby Steps:
Maybe some day.

Seitokai Yakuindomo Bleep Blu-Ray:
Vol 6: @Things
11: Done
12: @Translation
13: @Translation
17 (OVA): @Translation

21+: @Torn Things
Vol 1: @Typesetting

Punch Line:
Vol 2: Encode

Yamada-kun Blu-Ray:
Volume 1: @Encode

Updated: 12/3/15 — 12:02 AM (PST)

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103 Responses to Status on Things

  1. Melodee says:

    So what about Gangsta? What is the status of that?

  2. status on Ushio and Tora?

  3. Arclight says:

    RIP Flax?

  4. Jesus says:

    RIP in peace

  5. dmonhiro says:

    And another one bites the dust.

  6. SoRequiredImGonnaDie says:

    I’ve just randomly searched for Gintama episodes and viola – there are fresh ones with [Flax] tag!!1

  7. Air says:

    Just wanted to say that your subs for Gundam IBO are clearly the best. I’m hoping that someday you’ll want to return to the series. 🙂 I know next to nothing about subbing, so I’m not sure if I could be of any help, but you can always drop me a line if you ever need a proofreader or somebody like that.

  8. F1 says:

    Speedsubbing, one year for last volume of Seitokai Yakuindomo.
    Too bad there isn’t any other release for it otherwise I would deleted yours!!
    Anyway I think you should stop increasing unfinished projects!

    • Torn says:

      I need a translator, m8. Futsuu quit fansubbing, Shark gave up halfway ep 12 when he did it for UTW, Minami won’t do it, and Kuwagata doesn’t have time to do it because of uni. You don’t know how much I want to finish SYD.

      • MingLee says:

        Is there seriously not a single person in the fansubbing “scene” that would be fucking kind enough to translate couple of episodes, even if its somewhat sloppish?

        what the fuck people, where the young blood at?

      • dmonhiro says:

        I’m a tad confused what you need a translator for. Isn’t this about the 2nd TV series?

      • Torn says:

        CR’s TL is pretty bad from what I’ve heard. Their script is also something I’d rather not put effort into editing.

      • Tiggs Panther says:

        It’s an OK-ish translation, as far as it goes. The wordplay-heavy nature of SYD just means that every episode works better watching it via multiple translations.

        Sadly, episode 12 is the one episode where CR bungled one of the jokes badly enough that you don’t need to understand Japanese to know they got it wrong. The translation jars, badly, with one of the background sound effects.
        I remember spending about an hour trawling manga scans to find the appropriate strip as the sound effect didn’t match the translated joke in the dialogue.

        And, predictably, that’s the episode everyone seems to give up on translating.

  9. Wailyn says:

    The Gintama blu-ray release will be in 1080p? I really hope so :’)

  10. Johnson says:

    Is there any chance that you’ll finish the Gangsta TV releases? Now that the blurays are never coming out, we unfortunately only have the Funi rips, which are not exactly great, so I hope you consider finishing the series.

  11. Grimro says:

    Still having hope to see the vol. 6 of ” SYD ” finished!
    So please continue the search until someone capable can take the task of the final 2 episodes!

    I’ll keep waiting till it gets done!

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