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Gintama S3 Ep 07

More Gintama Yeeeep. Here it is. Apparently, CrunchyRoll replaced Kuroko’s OP theme with what usually plays during the previews. Must be due to copyrights or some shit. I dunno. Punch Line and Yamada should start being released starting tomorrow. I … Continue reading

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Gintama S3 Ep 06

[laughing intensifies] Just a quick release while I’m studying for my exams. I should be able to clear out the weekly backlog starting Tuesday. I’ll see y’all then.

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Gintama S3 Ep 05

Me every morning Got a new episode of Gintama here. Some episodes of Punch Line and Yamada should be ready for release for the weekend. I’ll see y’all later.

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Punch Line Ep 03

Doing shit through Teamviewer sucks. Don’t do it. Picking up the pace, etc.

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Gintama S3 Ep 04

>tfw no Gin to give you history lessons Should be releasing some more things around Friday. See you later, I guess.

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Yamada-kun Ep 02

Yes, this also has the fucking OP/ED translated. Other things soon. See ya. Edit: Found a little thing in the OP that needs to be fixed. It’ll be updated for the next episode.

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Punch Line Ep 02

Buncha things to release in the coming days Typesetter’s finals week is over. Finna put the pedal to the metal and release like crazy.

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