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Gintama (2015) 01-12, 13; GATE 05

I’m alive A straight up batch for 01-12. No changes have been made except for file names. Ep 1 has (2015) added for consistency, and Ep 2 has the correct CRC. Script revisions will be done in the BD. 13 … Continue reading

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Gangsta 04, Punch Line 10, Ushio and Tora 05, Game of Laplace 01v2

Heard you wanted some cartoons. Hmm… Not quite everything I wanted to release before I go on vacation ’til Tuesday night, but hey! It’s somethin’! More things should be released starting Wednesday. Game of Laplace is actually taking the typesetter quite a … Continue reading

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Punch Line — 09

Hello? Lol fell asleep before uploading this to Nyaa. Ushio tomorrow and hopefully either some Gangsta or some Prison School before I go on vacation this weekend. Punch 09

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Punch Line — 08

the backloggotry Soon. Punch 08

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GATE — 04

Rory still a qt. Reminder that BS11 is a week behind. Things soon, etc. GATE 04

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