Gangsta 04, Punch Line 10, Ushio and Tora 05, Game of Laplace 01v2


Heard you wanted some cartoons.

Hmm… Not quite everything I wanted to release before I go on vacation ’til Tuesday night, but hey! It’s somethin’! More things should be released starting Wednesday.

Game of Laplace is actually taking the typesetter quite a bit to typeset. I planned to release this v2 alongside episode two, but it still isn’t done, so here you go lol. The typesetting has been beefed up, since I nerfed it before release so that there’s no shenanigans when the heavy typesetting takes place. Some toasters may not be able to play it back smoothly. If that’s the case, you need to fiddle with your settings a bit. Please refer to this post in the Evetaku comments.

Anyway, I’ll see you all on Wednesday.

Gangsta 04
Punch 10
Ushio 05
Laplace 01v2Patch

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16 Responses to Gangsta 04, Punch Line 10, Ushio and Tora 05, Game of Laplace 01v2

  1. Cickány says:

    Thanks for Laplace and Gangsta!

  2. Anon says:

    “Please refer to this post in the Evetaku comments” or just use KCP, which set this things automatic. CCCP is for losers :^)

  3. chin says:

    Ty baby

  4. dafuq says:

    Have fun on your vacation ヽ(◉◡◔)ノ

  5. DarknessWithIn says:

    Episode 5 when? (It’s almost like I’m watching at ABC JP Station)
    I use your work because of soft subs (I hate hardsubs)
    Anyway thanks for doing this!

  6. Gnac says:

    ADDENDUM: I knew something was fishy when I saw that Gangsta EP.3 actually had chapters. Like… “hot piss, someone has actually put some care into this”. I’m still salty about UW dropping it, so I greatly appreciate that it’s been picked up by someone who at least gives it that much dedication. Please continue to exhibit rad shit.

  7. faggosaurus says:

    Where’s gate you dumb bitch

  8. Ash says:

    Give Gintama 🙏

  9. Rer says:

    Stalling out now that you people had taken way too much show despite not being able to almost finish even a single show? Great job.

  10. Netsuki says:

    I have faith. I’ll patiently wait for Gate and Gangsta. Good luck on your surgery recovery

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