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Gate 06


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Gangsta. 05


Me asking myself when the last time I released something was


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Ushio and Tora 06


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Gintama (2015) 01-12, 13; GATE 05


I’m alive

A straight up batch for 01-12. No changes have been made except for file names. Ep 1 has (2015) added for consistency, and Ep 2 has the correct CRC. Script revisions will be done in the BD.

13 has OP/ED lyrics. I forgot to download the cap when it aired, so I remuxed with SOFCJ lel.

Gate is just Gate. More shit later.

Gintama 12
Gintama 01-12
Gintama 13

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Gangsta 04, Punch Line 10, Ushio and Tora 05, Game of Laplace 01v2


Heard you wanted some cartoons.

Hmm… Not quite everything I wanted to release before I go on vacation ’til Tuesday night, but hey! It’s somethin’! More things should be released starting Wednesday.

Game of Laplace is actually taking the typesetter quite a bit to typeset. I planned to release this v2 alongside episode two, but it still isn’t done, so here you go lol. The typesetting has been beefed up, since I nerfed it before release so that there’s no shenanigans when the heavy typesetting takes place. Some toasters may not be able to play it back smoothly. If that’s the case, you need to fiddle with your settings a bit. Please refer to this post in the Evetaku comments.

Anyway, I’ll see you all on Wednesday.

Gangsta 04
Punch 10
Ushio 05
Laplace 01v2Patch

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Punch Line — 09



Lol fell asleep before uploading this to Nyaa. Ushio tomorrow and hopefully either some Gangsta or some Prison School before I go on vacation this weekend.

Punch 09

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