“I type shit and it works.”

  • Glorious Leader
  • Laziest Timer
  • Editor
  • {\an8} Typesetter
  • Encoder
  • The QUALITY in QC
  • Fun
  • Double agent
  • Wants to be everyone’s friend (・‿・)



25 Responses to Staff

  1. Fanatic says:

    only torn is alive @.@

  2. SupahAnon says:

    By any chance, are ya recruiting?

  3. Any need for a timer?

  4. nort says:

    Can you send me the test of timer?
    Want to apply xD

  5. faggosaurus says:

    can i apply to be a useless shithead

  6. sadsa says:

    need direct links no1 seeds ur shit

  7. [Chaos-kun] says:

    Was wondering if you are recruiting any member at the moment? I want to join as a Quality Checker.

  8. arvon2on2 says:

    Can I join anything, I’ll do anything.

    • Torn says:

      Barring translation, I can pretty much do everything myself at this point. I don’t really have the urge to do future projects other than a few BDs and maybe one more weekly show. If you want to join a group that’s hanging by a thread, be my guest lol. Send me a PM on Rizon and I’ll get back to you.

  9. Forte Stollen says:

    Any chance of SYD OVA 17 making the light of day? What’s your priority right now? Because the only sub done, while I appreciate the guy’s effort even though he knows very little english, is terrible.

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