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Punch Line – BD Vol. 1

I guess I’ll update the blog for this release Here ya go. Batch scripts for Punch Line in BD form. Made some changes here and there. The TV release is almost done. Should be out by this week. I’ll release … Continue reading

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Updates/Spring 2014/Recruitment

Typical Flax Staff meeting – duplex and I slap Torn around. Guess I will throw out a small update on things. In terms of the BD division,  Torn runs that shit so I don’t know.  He says that he might … Continue reading

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Yozakura Quartet ~Hana no Uta~ Vol. 1

This should show that we mean business.  Subs from Cthuko with the “Youkai” track being the default track.  Please submit all complaints to Torn seeing as he is still the head of the Flax BD division. We are currently recruiting … Continue reading

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Henneko Volume 1 Released

Now with less bloat and an additional subtitle track. So I encoded this again with different settings. Volume 2 will be released sometime this week and 1080p for both volume 1 and 2 will come soon. Track 1: rori Track … Continue reading

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Code Geass: Akito the Exiled BD released

LeLouch is still dead and he isn’t coming back. Stop making up crazy conspiracy theories you fucking fujoshi fanboys! So to say sorry for being super slow on SxS, (and the fact that Torn fucked up the first two episodes … Continue reading

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Shingeki no Kyojin BD Vol. 1 Released

Giant HD Titan is watching you masturbate So this is now a thing apparently.  Torn used gg’s script for the release largely due to the numbers on nyaa and we were pretty sure none of you wanted to endure eotens … Continue reading

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